Out Now: Stream ‘Thanks for Coming,’ the Intriguing Debut LP from Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum (ft. Michael C. Hall)

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Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, an indie/pop/experimental band featuring actor Michael C. Hall (of Dexter and Six Feet Under), drummer Peter Yanowitz (the Wallflowers) and keyboardist Matt Katz-Bohen (Blondie), released its debut full-length album, Thanks for Coming, today.

The record is available via streaming platforms now and will receive a physical release on March 26.

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Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum eschews “genre” in favor of experimentation and variety, as evidenced in a series of videos shared by the group in advance of the album, dating back a few years.

Take “Eat an Eraser,” which was premiered with a trippy music video a few months back, as an example of the band’s ambition:

And “Armageddon Suite”:

Said Michael C. Hall of the song in a statement:

‘Armageddon Suite’ is about having a more heightened romantic sense facilitated by the world ending.” 

Much of the album was created by the musicians in pandemic-era New York, context that no doubt played into the songs’ composition. Listening to Thanks for Coming, there’s an undeniable undercurrent of inspiration from New Wave, dark synth pop and the likes of David Bowie (Hall portrayed Thomas Jerome Newton in Bowie’s Lazarus musical), theatricality and lush production highlighting songs like “Airhead,” a blast of synth ambience with soaring vocals from Hall:

As for a bit more about Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum, the origin of the band’s name and more:

Taking their name from an idea that Katz-Bohen’s four-year-old daughter had for her imaginary band, Princess Goes To The Butterfly Museum eschews traditional rock instrumentation in favor of stripped-down synthesizer-and-drum attack. A wealth of disparate influences flow into Princess Goes to the Butterfly Museum’s songs – the glam, experimental, ambient music of David Bowie, Giorgio Moroder’s ‘70s disco productions for Donna Summer, ‘80s new wave dance music, contemporary electronic dance acts like Justice, and the roster of France’s Ed Banger label. A theatrical sensibility is part of the trio’s DNA, especially in live shows, having met several years ago on Broadway during the production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

The result is an intriguing collection of songs that coalesce into a strong musical statement.

Stream the album below, via Apple Music.


  • Chas Pearson says:

    Michael C Hall did NOT play Bowie in Lazarus. If you had done the most cursory of research you would have found that Mr Hall played Thomas Jerome Newton, a character also played by Bowie in the film TMWFTE. Duh!

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