A Series of Photos of ‘Prince as Birds’ (and Butterflies and Caterpillars!) May Be the Best Use of Twitter Ever

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There’s a lot going on in the social media realm lately, plenty of headlines and heated debate about a number of topics — but this one’s about Prince. Specifically, this one is designed to shed light on a magical series of photos one Twitter user put together, showing off the Purple One‘s singular fashion sense and how, on a TON of occasions, he wore outfits that resembled birds.

Actual, real-life birds. It’s a dual compliment to Prince’s style and birds’ natural beauty, really.

It sounds wild, admittedly. How many photos could really exist of Prince wearing colorful outfits like this?

OK, that’s pretty good. So are these:

And these.

But wait, there’s more!

Is Prince mimicking the birds, or are the birds mimicking Prince? It’s hard to tell.


Still more.

Nope, not done yet.

And, finally, the end.

But really, truly, that’s a remarkable assortment of photos. Prince was a one-of-a-kind artist commanding the respect and admiration of his peers, colleagues and everybody else, really, one whose legacy remains untouchable today.

As a sequel, @Pandamoanimum also did … Prince as caterpillars. Enjoy:

As well as Prince as butterflies. Enjoy:

He may be gone, but his style remains. It all leads to magical Twitter threads like the one above. Thank you, @Pandamoanimum.

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