Stream Chase Gassaway's Reinvention of the Temptations' 'Ain't' Too Proud' (Rock Cellar Premiere)

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On February 24, Chase Gassaway will release a new record titled A Fly Can’t Bird.
A covers album, A Fly Can’t Bird will find the Texas native tackling some seriously notable songs songs originally released by John Legend, Cake and the Temptations, as well as some of Gassaway’s musical peers, Alpha Rev and Quiet Company.
It’s Gassaway’s cover of the Temptations, specifically their classic song “Ain’t Too Proud,” that Rock Cellar is proud (sorry) to offer up below as an exclusive premiere from the album. Stream his reinvention of the tune below:

Said Gassaway of “Ain’t Too Proud” and his decision to cover it for A Bird Can’t Fly:
“I felt a peculiar imperative to retranslate this song. For me, it’s less about the theme of pining for a love interest, and more an attraction to the composition itself. It was a staple of the sixties Hitsville sound, but has since become a novelty to emerging generations. Soundtracks use it as a cue for the classic lo-fidelity R&B sound from the 60’s, but tend to steer away from the song having a true voice anymore. It’s on the set list for every wedding band, but no one has really evolved the song into something new and interesting since The Rolling Stones. The melody has it’s own cadence and groove, so it was fairly easy to shift the pocket into my arrangement. This is one of my favorite tunes to perform live because I can just melt into the rhythm section and everything falls into place. It’s the kind of groove you can get lost inside.”
“Ain’t Too Proud” is the second song previewed by Gassaway thus far from the album, coming after his take on the Lumineers’ “Ho Hey” (premiered over at Cover Me).
Keep in tune with GAssaway by visiting his official site.

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