Phoebe Bridgers Makes Her ‘SNL’ Debut with ‘Kyoto’ & ‘I Know the End’ (and a Guitar Smash!)

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Phoebe Bridgers has enjoyed an abundance of attention over the past few years, with her acclaimed (and especially well deserving) 2020 album Punisher increasing the Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter‘s profile a great deal.

Bridgers made her debut on Saturday Night Live on Saturday evening, alongside host Dan Levy (of Schitt’s Creek), and she and her band put on full display just what it is that draws so many people to her music.

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Everybody wore a skeleton suit on stage, consistent with Bridgers’s album art and frequent visual aesthetic, and they selected two of Punisher‘s most crucial songs to showcase on SNL: First was the GRAMMY-nominated “Kyoto”:

And second was “I Know the End,” the arresting closing track to Punisher that translates exceptionally well on stage with an ensemble. For an added exclamation point, Bridgers smashed her guitar into the amplifier at the end:


Minutes after the end of the performance, debate began swirling on social media regarding the merits of her guitar smash — which, it must be pointed out, IS a hallmark of rock and roll history. As one fan succinctly captured with a little fan art:

Not a bad finale.

If Saturday Night Live was your introduction to Phoebe Bridgers, and you find yourself intrigued by the performances, then by all means dive into Punisher and see what all the fuss is about.

And also be sure to listen to Stranger in the Alps, her 2017 solo debut record that put her on the indie scene in the first place.


  • Huh says:

    LOL, really? She wasn’t that good, in fact, no one I know had ever heard of her, but what I’m laughing at is that pitiful guitar smash, lol.

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