Watch Phoebe Bridgers Stage a Climactic Concert for Nobody at the Los Angeles Coliseum in Her New Music Video for ‘I Know the End’

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These are strange times — the strangest many of us have seen, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. And it’s during this strange, unsettling time that Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter Phoebe Bridgers released Punisher, her arresting sophomore album.

The record was released on June 19, and quickly rose to the top of many Best Of 2020 lists thanks to Bridgers’ blend of provocative lyrics and emotive songwriting. (Read our detailed album review by clicking here).

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The album’s final track, “I Know the End,” was among its finest moments, a rousing conclusion to the collective whole of Punisher. A music video for the song (directed by Alissa Torvinen) was premiered on Wednesday, and its tone and haunting visual elements match the song’s in terms of narrative power.

Plus, there’s some screaming, which always sets the mood effectively.

Featuring some scenes at an eerily empty Los Angeles Coliseum (and Bridgers and her band mates in matching skeleton suits), the video’s a real trip:

Bridgers explained the adventurousness of “I Know the End” as follows:

“The end of the song, however, is almost like an alien universe to me, and that’s a big theme on this album. I wanted a big metal ending, and so we all had so much fun screaming on it. There are some crazy screeching guitars on it, and I got all my friends to be in the choir too. There’s all sorts of crazy shit going on.”

Releasing Punisher in the middle of a global pandemic probably wasn’t what Phoebe Bridgers had in mind for her new album, but there’s really no better soundtrack for wiling away the hours sheltering in place and worrying about both the present and the future, while openly acknowledging the absurdity of it all — a testament to Phoebe Bridgers’ uncanny ability to find beauty among the chaos of the human condition.

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