5/14: Phoebe Bridgers to Release ‘Copycat Killer’ on LP, ft. Reimagined Songs from ‘Punisher’ ft. Rob Moose

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Copycat Killer is the name of a four-song EP released digitally by singer/songwriter Phoebe Bridgers back in November that reimagined four tracks from her acclaimed (and Grammy-nominated) 2020 album, Punisher.

On Tuesday, Dead Oceans announced the forthcoming vinyl edition of Copycat Killer, which will be made available beginning May 14. For this EP project, Bridgers worked with Grammy Award-winning string player/arranger Rob Moose, known for his work with the likes of Bon Iver, John Legend, Taylor Swift, the Killers, Haim and more.

Here’s a new take on “Kyoto,” one of Punisher‘s standout tracks that also earned its own Grammy nominations for Best Rock Performance and Best Rock Song (though it lost both, much to Sir Elton John’s chagrin):

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And here’s the full digital EP:

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Some more about Punisher from our album review:

Releasing Punisher in the middle of a global pandemic probably wasn’t what Phoebe Bridgers had in mind for her new album, but there’s really no better soundtrack for wiling away the hours sheltering in place and worrying about both the present and the future, while openly acknowledging the absurdity of it all — a testament to Phoebe Bridgers’ uncanny ability to find beauty among the chaos of the human condition.

That Punisher was released when it was — in a time of significant social unrest and a global pandemic that has ravaged all areas of “normal life,” with the prospect of things returning to what they were a wistful dream — almost seems appropriate, given the record’s themes of unease and vulnerability.

If you haven’t yet listened to Punisher, which was recorded with the assistance of a number of Bridgers’ colleagues and friends, including Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes (with whom Bridgers has another project, Better Oblivion Community Center), you should.

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