Exclusive RockCellarTV Interview with Peter Noone of Herman’s Hermits

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Coming out of Manchester in the early 1960s, Herman’s Hermits, fronted by Peter Noone, forged a timeless career on the strength of some truly classic hits, four of which landed in the Top 3 in the United States.

After the Hermits went their separate ways in 1971, Noone began a lengthy solo career and, eventually, began touring as Herman’s Hermits starring Peter Noone, something he continues doing to this day.

Recently, Noone caught up with Rock Cellar’s Ken Sharp for a spirited one-on-one interview that serves as our latest RockCellarTV edition — enjoy their conversation about Noone’s first experiences coming to America, the band’s beginnings, his inspirations, how British bands of his era “copied” American music and much more.

And here’s a bonus bit of soundcheck from Noone and his band!

RockCellarTV was introduced a few years ago as an effort to allow larger-than-life music icons to get up close and personal, discussing whatever they want — for however long they want, resulting in some candid conversations about hits, successful albums and music legacies … as well as misses, scandals and anything else they were comfortable discussing.

Some of these chats took place at Rock Cellar HQ in California, while others were filmed on-location at venues (like the world famous Troubadour in Hollywood, in the case of our chat with John Oates) as the artists prepared for a gig. They’re all up on our YouTube channel.

With that introduction out of the way, here’s an easy access point to some of our best RockCellarTV conversations — click here for the full list, and happy viewing!

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