Peter Frampton’s Memoir, ‘Do You Feel Like I Do?’, Out 10/20, Written with ex-Rolling Stone Editor Alan Light

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Peter Frampton has set Oct. 20 as the release date for his new official memoir, Do You Feel Like I Do?, which he wrote with former Rolling Stone editor Alan Light.

The news was officially announced on Wednesday via Rolling Stone, which furnished this statement from Frampton about the book:

“This is my journey. All I ever wanted to do was play guitar and it’s taken me many different places – physically and mentally. I’ve been to the moon and back without a rocket, but also to the depths of despair. You never stop paying your dues. Failure has been my greatest inspiration. I brush myself off and then I want to ‘do it again.’ Do You Feel Like I Do?”

2019 was a busy year for Frampton, who announced a diagnosis of IBM (inclusion body myositis), a progressive and degenerative muscle disease that threatens Frampton’s future ability to perform the way he has for decades. This made his Finale: The Farewell Tour that much more of an important event in his career.

Speaking with Rock Cellar’s Jeff Slate in July 2019, Peter Frampton offered this up regarding his health concerns:

“I don’t want to stop playing, and I won’t stop playing until I can’t. It’s my battle that I’m dealing with now.

I’m very positive about the future, because I’m always positive. My son and I say, “We’re Framptons. We’re survivors.” And it’s true. I’ve been knocked down many times. And I get back up. And I go on, and I reinvent myself.

So, I think doors may close, but I know that other doors are going to open. I’m never not going to write music or sing or play as well as I can. But I just don’t ever want to go out in public and not be able to play as well as I can today.

And that’s why it’s the farewell tour, just because I have a feeling that come next year, it’s going to be more difficult to play than it is now. And it’s okay right now. But things are, without getting into detail, I know what’s going on.”

Back to the memoir, Rolling Stone notes that Frampton’s book will “touch upon his work with childhood friend David Bowie, his struggles with substance abuse, the “blessing and curse” of his breakthrough album Frampton Comes Alive!” and his fight with IBM.

“Peppered” throughout the book will be the dramatic tale of Peter Frampton’s favorite guitar, which was lost — he thought — in a plane crash in 1980. He also spoke about that wild story in our 2019 interview:

“It always haunted me. Basically, I had the Les Paul, I had a ’55 Strat from Bumblebee Bob in Chicago, and I had a white Les Paul. So that was it. When I lost all three of them at once, because of the air crash, it mattered so much to me. I play meticulously, I loved them.”

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