Take Peter Frampton’s Word For It: Washing Your Hands For the Entirety of ‘Do You Feel Like We Do’ is Tough

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By now, we’ve all heard the “twenty-second rule” regarding hand-washing as it’s recommended in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic: Sing the chorus to “Happy Birthday” twice, for example, or the chorus from your favorite song. Peter Frampton gave the concept his own amusing spin in a new video that showed up Tuesday, however, but his … his is definitely a challenge.

In the clip, Frampton attempts to watch his hands for the entirety of “Do You Feel Like We Do” from the Frampton Comes Alive! record … a rendition, you may or may not recall, that spans more than FOURTEEN minutes. That’s a lot of hand-washing, and it’s a pretty fun setup for the video:

Shout-out to Frampton for the sense of humor and levity in these confusing, uncertain times. For more from Peter Frampton, be sure to read our 2019 interview with the guitarist regarding his farewell tour and much more.

As for more hand-washing tips, Gloria Gaynor had a post that received quite a bit of attention two weeks ago regarding her signature tune, “I Will Survive”:


As for further exercises in hand-washing tips and entertainment caused by the coronavirus pandemic, this past weekend also saw Neil Diamond introduce a tweaked version of “Sweet Caroline,” with lyrics tailored to self-distancing and hand-washing guidelines:


Liam Gallagher of Oasis, meanwhile, parodied his own band’s classic Britpop anthems into hand-washing PSAs, too:



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