Out Now: Paul Stanley of KISS Flexes His Musical Muscle with ‘Now and Then’ Album (Listen)

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KISS legend Paul Stanley wants to make one thing abundantly clear with his new album as Paul Stanley’s Soul Station, Now and Then, in which he and an accomplished ensemble of backing musicians embrace their love of soul & R&B with original tunes and classic covers: This isn’t a karaoke session.

He said as much in Rock Cellar’s new feature interview about this project, which is really a lifelong goal realized:

Paul Stanley: “Van Gogh said something really interesting. In writing to his brother at one point, he said, “I’m no longer content to be the painter, I want to be the paint,” and that’s what it’s about. You have to be it and you have to you have to understand it, otherwise it’s just superficial and that’s not what this is. I’ve had some singers and performers I know who I don’t need to name drop, and they get it.

“It’s not karaoke and it’s not covering tunes. It’s immersing, not just me, by the way, but perhaps with me it’s more of a surprise for some people. But everybody in the band is in the music. You know, we’re not just playing it. We’re in it.’

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Stanley’s segment will air between 3 p.m. PDT and 4 p.m. PDT.

“I, Oh I” was one of the original compositions from the Paul Stanley’s Soul Station project shared ahead of the album release:

Said Stanley of that song and the focus of the album as a whole:

Paul Stanley: “One of my friends who was backstage when KISS was out on the End of the Road tour heard that and said, ‘These are seamless The new songs sound seamless with the old ones.’ And another one of my friends, after he heard the album, said to me that his favorite song on the album was ‘Lorelei’ and he asked where did it come from and who did it first? And I said, ‘What do you mean? And he said, ‘Well what’s the story behind it?’

“And I said, ‘I wrote it.’ So you know, I’m very pleased. I don’t expect everybody to love the album, but honestly, I could care less. That’s a freedom I signed up for when I started playing in a band, that I get to do what I wanna do. Part of being true to myself is following the path I want to go on.

“And thankfully, just finishing the album, to me, was an incredible victory and accomplishment because that’s all I really wanted to do. Anything else is icing on the cake and what I’m thrilled at is that so far, the people who I would hope would love the album do and the views on YouTube in a few days have been pretty great from the ground up and we’re only getting started.”

You can get started with Paul Stanley’s Soul Station by streaming the record below:


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    Must have his p.r. and social media crew working overtime on this.

    Too bad it’s so lame.

    Riley Martin.

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