Papa Roach Shares Hopeful New Song, “Dying to Believe,” a High-Energy Call to Action

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More than two decades removed from their explosive 2000 debut Infest, Papa Roach soldiers on — and on Friday, the long-running hard rock/alt band premiered a new song, “Dying to Believe.”

Recent years have found the group advancing its sound ever so slightly, while retaining many of the signature elements that made it one of the breakout acts of the then-crowded “rap metal” scene in the early 2000s. The years have rolled by, many of Papa Roach’s peers fell off into obscurity, but Jacoby Shaddix and company have found a way to keep things both fresh and familiar.

The same can be said for this new track, an inspiring call-to-arms with a soaring chorus about how we’re all more alike than we think. Some electronic flourishes accentuate the song’s boundless singalong energy:

It’s the latest preview of a new Papa Roach album. Said Shaddix in a statement:

“In the process of making this record, we always try to make music that means something to us, that moves us When I look out into the world right now a lot of people are divided. The beautiful thing about music is it’s a unifier. I wanted to make a song that has some hope in it.”

“Kill the Noise” is another recent song shared from the album:

Those two join “Swerve,” which was debuted back in early August and embraces an entirely different aesthetic of the Papa Roach sound:

When released, the new album will be Papa Roach’s 11th to date and the follow-up to 2019’s Who Do You Trust?.

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