Ozzy Osbourne Watches Highlights of His Life and Times in New ‘Ordinary Man’ Music Video

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Ordinary Man, the triumphant new album from Ozzy Osbourne released last month to massive success around the world, is a powerhouse of a record, the first from the iconic vocalist since 2010.

There’s also a strong sense of wistful reflection evident on the album’s tracks — especially the title track (which features a guest spot from Sir Elton John). The song received a new music video on Tuesday.

Depicting Ozzy taking a seat and watching a highlight clip from his life, including his days with Black Sabbath, the tragic loss of guitarist Randy Rhoads, memories with Osbourne and his family and various other moments, it’s a nice little tribute to the man’s legacy. Watch it below:

The album’s release came days after Ozzy had to cancel his upcoming slate of U.S. tour dates, citing a need to go to Switzerland to undergo medical treatment regarding the laundry list of maladies that have plagued him throughout 2019 and much of ’20.

The health issues that have plagued Osbourne for the past year or two required him to take a break per doctor’s orders, but in reality he probably would have postponed or canceled the tours anyway due the growing global concern over the spread of the coronavirus — which is wreaking havoc on the music business this week, with the immediate future of the live concert realm murky at best.

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