Out Now: ‘The Mighty,’ an Earnest and Eclectic New Album from O.A.R.

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By now, the members of O.A.R. — which stands for Of A Revolution, if you haven’t been paying attention for the band’s two-decades-plus career — know what they’re doing in the studio.

The Maryland-based ensemble has amassed a global audience with its rootsy, indie/pop/reggae sound since forming in 1996, and the band recently released The Mighty, its 10th studio album and the follow-up to 2016’s XX.

Their thing has always been earnestness, with vocalist/rhythm guitarist Marc Roberge doing a lot to give the music that quality. It continues on the new record’s lead single, “Miss You All The Time”:

Other tracks, like “California” and “Turn It Up Slow” feature shiny production flourishes, swelling background vocals giving everything a communal vibe, which is another calling card of the band’s musical aesthetic. Stream the record below, via Spotify:

The Mighty stands up well among previous O.A.R. albums, and will likely be a favorite among fans, as it features all of the band’s brightest attributes, spread out across 10 feel-good tracks primed for the live setting — and speaking of, visit O.A.R.’s official site for full details regarding their heavy upcoming tour schedule.

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