#SaveOurStages: NIVA (National Independent Venue Association) Fears 90% of Independent Music Venues Could Close Due to COVID-19 Without Federal Funding

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In early May, independent music venues in the United States formed NIVA, the National Independent Venue Association, in an effort to secure adequate federal funding that would ensure the venues were able to remain open once the COVID-19 pandemic passes — or, at least, when the pandemic’s containment allows for live music to resume.

NIVA shared an update to its campaign on Tuesday, and … things aren’t looking too good, frankly.

Per a poll of venues involved in NIVA, 90% percent say they will have no choice but to shutter permanently  “in a few months without federal funding,” noting that PPP funding is not sufficient for what the venues would need to continue operations should the shutdown six months or longer.

More, via Pollstar:

“The complete and instant shutdown of every venue is devastating,” NIVA president and First Avenue Productions CEO Dayna Frank wrote in a statement. “Revenues have ceased, but overhead hasn’t. We’re fighting for the future of our industry, our beloved venues and our communities. This is the one time we’re asking for assistance to do that. Without it, we fail. With it, we can once again be the gathering places that bring back our communities. With it, we will stand on our own feet and once again generate economic gains for businesses around us and the tax base of our towns and cities.”

“The entire nation must be open at full capacity for national music tours to route,” NIVA says. “No other industry has this challenge; restaurants, movie theaters, hotels, airlines, service providers and retail stores are not dependent on other jurisdictions’ readiness. With reopening regulations differing throughout the country and NIVA venues ranging from 250 to 18,000 capacity, even staggered openings are still effectively a national shutdown.”

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Those interested in helping NIVA and its efforts to ensure the continued existence of independent music venues needs to visit SaveOurStages.com and join the conversation.

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