‘The Batman’ Teaser Trailer Uses Nirvana’s Ominous ‘Something in the Way’ Perfectly

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On Saturday evening, the first teaser trailer for The Batman was premiered, giving people the world’s first glimpse of Robert Pattinson as the title role. The teaser trailer for the film, due out in Oct. 2021, has a gritty, dark feel — accentuated by the use of the somber “Something in the Way,” from Nirvana‘s Nevermind, as the trailer’s soundtrack.

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The use of this particular Nirvana song was quite unexpected, to say the least, but it makes sense. The haunting song, featured at the tail end of the grunge band‘s groundbreaking 1991 album, is a hushed composition from Kurt Cobain, who nearly whispers his way through ominous lines such as:

Underneath the bridge
The tarp has sprung a leak
And the animals I’ve trapped
Have all become my pets
And I’m living off of grass
And the drippings from the ceiling
But it’s okay to eat fish
‘Cause they don’t have any feelings

“Something in the Way” was performed as part of Nirvana’s unforgettable MTV Unplugged session:

“Something in the Way” ramps up the moodiness of The Batman teaser clip even more than it already would have on its own. By the looks of things, writer/director Matt Reeves has crafted another bleak entry to the Batman canon, with a bit more brutal violence depicted than you see in most Batman films.

The film stars Pattinson (of Twilight fame) at Bruce Wayne/Batman, with co-stars Paul Dano (The Riddler), Jeffrey Wright (Commissioner Gordon), Zoë Kravitz (Catwoman) and Colin Farrell (The Penguin). The film is scheduled to be released in October 2021.

Some context on how The Batman falls within the Batman storytelling unvierse, per Variety:

In the panel for the film, Reeves said “The Batman” won’t be an origin story per se, but it does start in “Year Two” of Batman’s emergence, in which Batman and several other iconic characters — Catwoman, the Riddler, and the Penguin (Colin Farrell) — are still in the early stages of their development. In exploring the corruption at the heart of the story, Batman also begins to uncover a larger story of corruption within the city, and how it may connect back to the vastly wealthy and powerful Wayne family.

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