Trip Out with Nighttime Boogie Association (Foo Fighters’ Taylor Hawkins & Pearl Jam’s Matt Cameron)

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How’s this for an all-star alt/rock team-up? Nighttime Boogie Association is a new project from Taylor Hawkins, drummer of the Foo Fighters, and Matt Cameron, drummer of Pearl Jam (and, Soundgarden).

Borne out of quarantine-induced boredom, the collaboration has resulted in a pair of songs shared on Friday.

Here’s “The Path We’re On,” which was written by Cameron and features Hawkins on lead vocals and keys (as well as the drum intro). Buzz Osborne (guitars) and Steven McDonald (bass) from the Melvins also turn up on this psychedelic track:

And here’s “Long in the Tooth,” which was written by Hawkins (lyrics) and Cameron (music) and features Cameron on guitar, bass, and drum machine and Hawkins on lead vocal, drum fills, percussion, and keyboards.

More on the process behind these two tracks, per a news release:

The songs were recorded, engineered, and mixed in multiple locations across the U.S.  Engineered by Toshi Kasai, John Lousteau, Nathan Yaccino, Matt Cameron, and Oliver Roman, Nighttime Boogie Association’s deluxe single was recorded at Matt’s Garage, Studio 606, Made in the Seventies, The Ballard Baitshop, and Sound of Siren. Brandon Bell mixed the songs at The Cabins Studio in Nashville and Pete Lyman mastered them at Infrasonic Sound in Los Angeles.

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