This is How We Remind You That It’s Been 20 Years Since Nickelback Broke Through with ‘Silver Side Up’

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On Sept. 11, 2001, Canadian alt/rock band Nickelback released a record. Its 20th anniversary was mentioned recently in a tweet from the Associated Press, but the unfortunate linking of the album’s debut with the 9/11 terror attacks prompted a deletion from AP:

Twenty years later, though, there’s no denying the success of that record.

The group’s third studio album to that point, Silver Side Up would go on to cement the group’s standing as a global powerhouse of radio-friendly rock/pop, eventually hitting No. 1 in five countries and going platinum six times over in the United States (and eight times over in Canada), thanks to singles like “How You Remind Me.”

The years since have found the band, fronted by Chad Kroeger and his usually finely coiffed hair, the butt of many a joke, the punchline to internet memes and an act representative of the glossy, pop/rock excess of the 2000s.

To Nickelback’s credit, the band has maintained a great social media presence in recent years, fully “in” on the “joke” of their very existence (continued global success probably makes that all pretty easy to deal with, we must point out).

So when you look back on Silver Side Up and derisively thumb your nose at the album’s once ubiquitous singles that have maintained a residence in your brain for decades, just know that they’ve gotten the last laugh.

“How You Remind Me,” the one you’re singing to yourself while reading this sentence, recently hit 1.2 billion streams around the world.

The band looked back on the impact of Silver Side Up recently, with Kroeger saying:

“It’s hard to believe that Silver Side Up is 20 years old! For us, the album is filled with so many memories and moments that will last a lifetime. We were four guys from a small Canadian town, and never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined that this album would resonate with people around the world the way that it did, nor could we have predicted how profoundly our lives would change after its release – and that is something we will never forget. After 20 years, the songs don’t really feel like they belong to us anymore, but rather they belong to everyone that has embraced them and welcomed them into their lives and for that, we are eternally grateful.”

A new digital edition of Silver Side Up was released to commemorate its 20th anniversary, take a listen below (because you know you will):

Nickelback’s most recent studio album is 2017’s Feed the Machine. At some point, they’ll release new music and hit the road once again — so be prepared.

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