Out Now: Nickelback As Unapologetically, Confidently Nickelback-Ish as Ever on New Album ‘Get Rollin’ (Listen)

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There are at least two instances on Get Rollin,’ the new album from Nickelback released today, Nov. 18, in which find front man Chad Kroeger expresses concern about being thrown into jail.

It’s the entire point of leadoff track “San Quentin,” the album’s first single and an aggressive, Sammy Hagar-esque exercise in pure, unadulterated rock and roll energy partly inspired by Kroeger’s visit to Guy Fieri’s birthday party (really).

His shouted refrain:

Testify that I was right out of my mind
Let the record show I did it all for rock and roll.
Screamin’ every night, playin’ twenty five to life.
So somebody please keep me the hell out of
San Quentin

In “Vegas Bomb,” meanwhile, Kroeger narrates a chaotic journey to Sin City, complete with references to bartenders, “ladies shaking those pom-poms,” debauchery and the like:

Headin’ down to Vegas, meeting up with the crew
I tell ya stayin’ out of jail isn’t easy to do

Realistically, Kroeger is unlikely to find himself behind bars anytime soon. The front man of one of the most successful alt/rock/pop bands of the past few decades, he almost assuredly is well past the lifestyle decisions associated with taking such risks.

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And though some may have wanted to throw Nickelback in jail over the years due to the band’s ubiquity and endless parade of inescapable radio hits, Nickelback has endured, overcoming the slights, memes and jokes — even being in on the joke with a clever social media presence — and they’ve never sounded as confident as they do on the new record.

In addition the “dangerous” rock anthems mentioned above, there’s the requisite slower-tempo, arena-ready anthems that the band has treaded many times in the past. Songs like “Those Days,” a pre-release single with a nostalgic look back to the 1980s:

And the saccharine “Does Heaven Even Know You’re Missing?”:

And, of course, there’s “Skinny Little Missy,” a song with a bit of an Aerosmith swagger:

There’s even some alt-country leanings with marijuana smoke puff sounds, because why not?

All this to say: Nickelback is Nickelback. Unapologetically forward, confident and self-assured in its sound.

Kroeger and his colleagues have forged a path in music history by committing fully to this vision, so why compromise? Rock bands like this don’t really exist anymore, but Nickelback does, which means they’ve clearly done something right.

Get Rollin’ won’t likely convert those who’ve resisted the band’s pull for years, but for those fully on board, there’s plenty here they’ll likely add to their rotation of favorite songs.

Dive in below — or don’t. But don’t worry either way: Nickelback will continue thriving with or without you.

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