Hear Two Songs from NHC, Rock Supergroup Featuring Dave Navarro, Taylor Hawkins and Chris Chaney

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NHC is a new rock and roll supergroup with a collective resume that would make other groups blush. The N stands for Dave Navarro, guitarist of Jane’s Addiction (and, for a spell in the mid-1990s, Red Hot Chili Peppers), the ‘H’ stands for Taylor Hawkins of the Foo Fighters, and ‘C’ is Chris Chaney, also of Jane’s Addiction.

The group has just unleashed a pair of songs as an introductory statement of sorts. As is the case for much of Hawkins’ work outside the Foo Fighters (and there have been plenty of side gigs over the years), he mans lead vocal duties.

Here’s “Feed the Cruel,” a proggy, guitar-shredding anthem featuring the trio in the studio:

“Better Move On,” meanwhile, is a tripped-out jam, Navarro’s guitar melodies taking center stage:

As for how this project came about — beyond the trio just being good pals — here’s a bit of a back story:

NHC is the result of pure, unharnessed creativity and the world’s biggest Mutual Appreciation Society; the guys – who all knew each other socially as staples of the Los Angeles rock world – came together over the last year and just played, giving themselves no rules or limits. For Hawkins, who had played alongside Chaney in the mid-90’s in Alanis Morissette’s band, it was a chance to play with the one and only Dave Navarro, whom Hawkins calls “the best lead guitarist in alternative rock.” For Navarro, it was an awakening of everything he loved about playing – feeling his own playing had plateaued, NHC’s song creation brought him back to his instrument in new and inspiring ways. And believe me when I tell you – you very probably will never meet anyone who loves and appreciates their bandmates as much these three do. Each one of them couldn’t be more excited to be making music together, and to get this project out into the world.

NHC will make its live debut on Oct. 2 at the Ohana Festival in Dana Point, Calif. For more, visit the festival’s official site.

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