Family of Neil Peart Planning ‘A Night For Neil — The Neil Peart Memorial Celebration 2020’ Concert Event in May

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Meridian Centre, St Catharines, Ontario, Canada will be the location of a special concert event paying tribute to late Rush drummer Neil Peart, who passed away in January after a battle with brain cancer. The event is taking place in Peart’s hometown.

Organized by Peart’s family, A Night for Neil — The Neil Peart Memorial Celebration 2020 promises to be a special evening of love, music and spirit in memory of the iconic drummer.

Via the Ticketmaster event page:

With the support and blessing of the Peart Family, in this time of mourning, we invite you to celebrate the life and legacy of “The Professor” and participate in The Neil Peart Fan Memorial Event and Benefit Concert.

This fan celebration will be held to create a moment in time and space for anyone within the Rush family to pay their respects, express their gratitude, grief, love, praise, prayers, sorrow, and honor the life of our beloved musical hero, in a place of commonality and community.

Additional information, via Billboard:

The event, which is being coordinated with Peart’s family, will benefit St. Catherines Hospital and Walker Cancer Centre, the Juravinsky Hospital and Cancer Centre, the Royal Victoria Regional Health Centre, as well as Overtime Angels, a non-profit charity that is also helping to put the event together.

“We are grateful for the team that Overtime Angels is assembly,” Glen and Betty Peart, the late drummer’s parents, said in a statement on behalf of the family. “We are especially pleased to be able to support this charity event that will benefit some much needed organizations that are close to our hearts.”

Another recent tribute to Peart came at Toronto Blue Jays Spring Training, where catcher Caleb Joseph led the charge through some inspired drum jams in an unexpected and entertaining Peart tribute:

As well as Tool’s acceptance speech at the GRAMMY Awards, in which bassist Justin Chancellor and drummer Danny Carey dedicated their win (for the song “7empest”) to Peart:

In 2014, Peart spoke with Rock Cellar about his hobbies outside the music world, of which there were many. Regarding his method of writing books and crafting art, Peart took a moment and offered up this thoughtful response:

“The desire to share. And I love the tools of writing. I’ll draw a drumming comparison there, drumming is about communication also and trying to move people, and the tools of it are the drums. And I have the same fascination for words as tools as I did since I was a child, from crossword puzzles to reading.

I’m an immensely absorbed reader. I just fall into other peoples’ worlds, fictional or non-fictional very easily. So that makes me a good reader in that sense. The impulse to share, I think probably drives a lot of art. Not only because of the lonely voice crying out in the wilderness to be heard, but the desire to say “hey I love this, maybe you’ll love this too”.

And the simple way even I’ve defined our band’s music, it sounds almost glib to say it, but it really is true, we make music we like and hope other people will like it too. And that’s certainly my story writing ambition too, when something starts to get me excited then I want to convey that, and then that becomes being selective. And a trick I’ve learned lately is, if I find too many stories about a place, I know that can bog down a general reader where I tend to get very interested in a place after I’ve been there…I fall in love with it and then I learn all the history and want to share it.

But you can’t possibly expect a reader to read all that. So I’ve learned now, I drop the germ of where a story is and I’ll say “oh by the way this place  I’m traveling through, there’s a lot of great stories if you’re interested in checking it out”, and maybe give a couple examples and then other peoples’ curiosity follow from there. And it’s nice to know that it does I’ll discover through the responses I get from my stories, usually from a circle of friends but also from strangers.”

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