Watch Queen’s Roger Taylor Have a Drum Battle with Music Phenom Nandi Bushell

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Young English music prodigy Nandi Bushell continues to amaze, the 11-year-old multi-instrumentalist rising in stature each week as she shares new viral videos combining her musical talents with some of her heroes. The latest finds Bushell battling Queen‘s Roger Taylor in a drum-off that leaves him so impressed, he tosses down his sticks and exclaims, “I am done! I give up,” before picking his sticks back up and playing alongside Bushell for “We Are the Champions.”

As Nandi explains in the video’s introduction, she participated in a TV commercial for an English department store a few years ago, manning the drum kit in tribute to Taylor — so coming face-to-face with him was a real thrill.

I have just had another INCREDIBLE day! I just jammed with @Roger Taylor Solo the AMAZING drummer from @Queen Official!!! Mr Taylor was so nice and kind to me. We had a little drum battle then we jammed a few Queen songs. I am so grateful and truly appreciate all of these unreal experiences! Thank you Mr Taylor!!!

Sorry there is not lots of footage from our jam, I have uploaded everything we have.

And here’s that original TV advertisement for John Lewis & Partners, filmed when Bushell was eight years old:

Last week, Bushell uploaded a video tribute to late Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, an impressive, multi-instrumental looping performance clip of “Gimme Shelter”:

To further recap some of the acclaim being sent Bushell’s way, guitarist Tom Morello recently spoke a bit about her talent in a chat with Rock Cellar:

“Oh, she’s spectacular. She and my son wrote a song together. He’s a shredding guitar player. They wrote a song remotely during the pandemic, I produced it and it’s a jam. The future is in solid hands with them.”

Back in late August, Bushell showed up with the Foo Fighters on stage at the Forum in Los Angeles to provide drums behind the Foos’ classic “Everlong” in what was a pretty epic appearance that doubled as the full-circle completion of her “drum battle” with Grohl that took place across various social media channels last year.

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