Watch 10-Year-Old Drum Prodigy Nandi Bushell Nail ‘My Generation’ as a Tribute to the Who’s Keith Moon

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She’s back, once again. After a busy few months of head-turning drum displays, 10-year-old musical prodigy Nandi Bushell has shared her latest video, a reverent tribute to the late, great Keith Moon.

Slamming through the Who‘s blistering classic “My Generation,” Bushell wails away on the kit like a woman possessed — a kit, by the way, that is lit up with an array of colorful flashing lights:

WARNING: Extreme Awesomeness and Flashing Lights! Bruh! Keith Moon!!! Unreal! This one is for you Mooney! One of the most difficult covers I have ever made. I think this song really suits my style. Fast, Fun and Rocking with a Punk edge!

Throughout much of the past year or so, Bushell has attained a massive internet following for her drum videos. Her skills at the set led to a highly entertaining “drum battle” with Dave Grohl, ultimately leading to a Zoom-to-Zoom meet-up. She’s also impressed Slipknot drummer Jay Weinberg with a cover video and Graham Coxon of Blur, when she tackled “Song 2”:

Nandi’s birthday salute to Led Zeppelin guitar god Jimmy Page was an inspired “Immigrant Song” playthrough, which hit all the right notes and featured some great looping skills:

Nandi Bushell is a talent that’ll only burn brighter as time goes on. Stay tuned for more from Bushell and subscribe to her YouTube channel to keep up to date.

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