Watch My Morning Jacket Perform ‘Spinning My Wheels’ on ‘The Tonight Show’

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Last week, My Morning Jacket surprised everybody with the release of a new record, The Waterfall II, the follow-up to 2015’s acclaimed The Waterfall.

These are trying times for everyone, and new music from Jim James and MMJ‘s brand of unique music that resists genre classification. One of The Waterfall II‘s most notable songs is the opening track, “Spinning My Wheels,” with lyrics to which we can all relate during the time of a global pandemic;

Well, it don’t matter where you settle down
And it sure don’t matter where they put you in the ground
The only point it seems is to break the spell
To love another day and live to tell

My Morning Jacket performed the song on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon — remotely, of course — this week, and you can watch the performance below:

More on the record, per a news release:

As James reveals, the decision to unearth The Waterfall II was sparked from a bit of serendipity in the early days of self-quarantine. While out on a walk, he placed his music library on shuffle and soon stumbled upon “Spinning My Wheels,” a tender rumination on the struggle for presence, its lyrics confessing to feeling “hypnotized from doing the same old thing.” Struck by the song’s enduring relevance, James revisited the other tracks reserved from the Panoramic House sessions and found that they invited a welcome moment of self-reflection—an outcome perhaps even more perfectly suited to the chaos of the current day than the circumstances of their recording.

Like its predecessor, The Waterfall II mines its mood of dreamy contemplation from certain heartbreak James had recently experienced, including the demise of a monumental relationship. Unfolding in a loosely threaded narrative of loss and recovery, the album conjures an indelible pain but never drifts into despair, gracefully conveying James’s message that “there is hope beyond the pain and loss, if you learn to flow with life like water.”

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