Musicians And Cats for National Cat Day! (Photos)

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Today, Oct. 29, is officially National Cat Day.

Hey, don’t ask us, we don’t make the rules. National Cat Day has its own website, even, which lays it out like this:

There are many people behind our visually fragrant wall of catnip that
make this stellar day, rule the world, every year…they are official Cat People.
Some of them live with cats and some just wear kitty ears…others; cats on their socks and bow-ties. Our team is brilliant and creative, they meow when spoken to, come running when called, keep their litter boxes clean, purr when happy and just like cats, are witty and engaging. Sadly however, some of our “cat day peeps” still live under a veil of lies, that humans are superior to cats and that cats worship us. We’re working on quickly dissolving this desperate delusion, bringing them into reality gently, with the assistance of professional counselors, going slowly…kitten step by kitten step, so that when the TRUTH sets in, their minds aren’t completely obliterated.

Cats Rule The World. Yeah…they really do.

With that in mind, we we will jump at each and every opportunity to celebrate cats and rock and roll icons, so … below, enjoy a few too many photographs of some of our favorite artists with their furry friends. Guaranteed to raise a smile.

(Note: This post originally ran a few years back on Rock Cellar, and is being re-purposed and re-written for this new update). 

You might want to queue up Queen‘s Delilah.

George Harrison

Roger Daltrey

Keith Moon

Kurt Cobain

Linda Ronstadt

David Crosby

Ringo Starr












Dave Grohl








Micky Dolenz









Davy Jones

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