Recreating Music History, One Photo at a Time: Follow @TheBandWasHere on Instagram

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We’re all looking for distractions these days, as the COVID-19 pandemic continues its stranglehold on all we hold dear. All that scrolling through your Instagram feed can be taxing on the thumbs, but there’s an account you really ought to follow: @TheBandWasHere, the product of Steve Birnbaum — noted director/dad/husband/photographer, as the profile states.

Simply put, @TheBandWasHere recreates noteworthy music photos, blending the real-world backdrops with the images themselves.

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Take, for example, this recreation of Led Zeppelin‘s Physical Graffiti album cover:

And this one, RamonesRocket to Russia:

The DoorsMorrison Hotel, as shared by famed photographer Henry Diltz himself:

Paul’s Boutique was a visionary and ahead-of-its-time album from the Beastie Boys, and made for a photogenic recreation as well:

The Beach Boys‘ peaceful photo that wound up on the cover of Surfin’ Safari translates well in this format:

The scope of @TheBandWasHere moves beyond album covers, as well. Here’s John Sebastian at the original Woodstock festival, shot by Henry Diltz:

And here’s a 1989 photo of Kurt Cobain, Chad Channing and Krist Novoselic of Nirvana:

And who can forget the basketball scene in the opening credits from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air?

There’s an abundance of additional photo recreations on the Instagram page — so give it a follow and enjoy. 

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