The Morrison Hotel Gallery Rolls Out Immersive New Website of Amazing Rock and Roll Photography

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The Morrison Hotel Gallery, which exists as a living archive of the collected works of more than 125 of the most renowned music photographers around the world, revamped its website with a fresh new look today, July 5.

The hope is for those who visit the website to have a comparable experience to those who make an in-person visit to one of the three Morrison Hotel Gallery physical locations (in West Hollywood, New York City and Lahaina, Hawaii).

Per a press release, the new MHGallery website boasts a “collector-friendly interface, cutting-edge design, AI technology, immersive brand activations, customizable wish lists, Shop Pay capabilities, personalized Art Advisory service and more.”

Click here to view a curated collection of just some of the many legendary artists depicted on works of art throughout the site.

If you haven’t yet checked out the Morrison Hotel Gallery and its robust archives and consider yourself interested in music history, you’re missing out. As legendary photographer Henry Diltz told Rock Cellar in a chat this past June at the NAMM Show, the scope of the Gallery is wide and far-reaching:

“Well, we started 20 years ago in Soho, in New York, and then it was a place to sell my photos with a couple of friends, and it was all my pictures on the wall. And then we would play Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne, James Taylor, we’d play that music. People would walk in and see all those pictures and hear that music and say, ‘Oh my god, this is my whole life.’ You know? And that was really cool. And then we started getting other photographers in there. Now, I’m lucky to have two or three on the wall, because we we have 125 photographers! So it’s great to be part of that and offer all these pictures.”

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