Listen to a 2018 Interview with Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park, Regarding His Solo Debut ‘Post Traumatic’

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In June 2018, Linkin Park vocalist/MC Mike Shinoda released his solo debut album, Post Traumatic. The record was Shinoda’s first bit of new music since the July 2017 passing of Linkin Park’s lead singer, Chester Bennington.

A collection of raw, deeply personal recordings mostly recorded at his home studio, the record was a moment of much-needed catharsis for Shinoda and his band‘s global fan base, too, as the shock of Bennington’s death was still overwhelming.

Sometime in 2018, writer Steve Rosen interviewed Mike Shinoda, for a reflective conversation mostly geared around the Post Traumatic record. The interview originally ran at, but Rosen is now sharing the full audio interview for anyone who might be interested.

The conversation touches on Post Traumatic, Shinoda’s songwriting and recording process — and which parts of key Linkin Park songs happened to take place in his home studio — and more.

Offering some perspective on his head space while writing Post Traumatic, Shinoda offers up this bit of context in the conversation:

“I approached it like a diary. My priority wasn’t to impress anybody, my priority was to capture the most realistic, truest version of whatever I was feeling that day. One of the things that drove the process was … there was a catharsis in writing stuff, for sure, and I did want to write things that were good, but … one of the things that struck me in the middle was that when I was going through things at that time, my outlook on things and my emotions would change really often and dramatically. It was more than mood swings, it was perspective, philosophy … I was just really turning things over in my head.” 

Though their conversation remained lost and unpublished … until now. As Rosen has been doing recently on his YouTube channel, he’s uploaded the entirety of the interview for all to hear … so do so below.

Visit Rosen’s YouTube page for more of his “lost” interviews, including Eddie Van Halen, John Frusciante and more … and be sure to visit his Behind The Curtain column, which is updated monthly here on Rock Cellar.

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