A Rockin’ Toast to Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones for His 79th Birthday

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Note: A version of this story originally ran in previous years to celebrate Mick Jagger’s birthday — and has since been updated for 2022.

In the history of music, there have been plenty of superstars, icons, and legends — but only one Mick Jagger.

Today, July 26, the man born Michael Phillip Jagger turns 79. He may seem ageless, much like his colleague Keith Richards, but he is, in fact, of this earthly plane, and today’s his birthday. (And fun fact, given the internet’s omnipresent jokes about how Keith will live forever: Mick’s actually older, by about five months!

Mick’s kept plenty busy in recent months, whether on the road with the Stones or off it, releasing a new solo track for an Apple TV+ series, offering up his own spicy take on global superstar Harry Styles or crashing bachelorette parties and more.

The SIXTY tour has kept Mick, Keith and the gang quite busy, though. Here are the two in action out on the road:

Ronnie Wood also sent out a birthday message to his longtime pal:

In addition to being out on a big 60th anniversary tour right now, the Stones recently revisited some legendary 1977 club gigs for Live at the El Mocambo, bringing back some previously unavailable live recordings from a 300-capacity Toronto night club:

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As for the SIXTY tour, the Stones have a handful of dates left on the schedule before whatever they have in store next (and, knowing them and their commitment to their worldwide fan base, they’re bound to have something big up their sleeves):

July 27 – Veltins-Arena – GELSENKIRCHEN, GERMANY
July 31 – Friends Arena – STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN
Aug. 3 — Waldbühne — BERLIN, GERMANY

Nothing but the best, healthiest wishes for ol’ Mick, truly a one-of-a-kind musical force. Plus, those dance moves! Here he was, fresh off heart surgery back in 2019, putting us all to shame:

So whatever you do today, take some time out to put on some Stones and celebrate Mick Jagger’s unmistakable presence as one of the most vibrant front men in the history of rock and roll.

Happy birthday, Mick Jagger!


  • Mary says:

    Love you Mick! Happy Birthday, one of your many fans💋

  • Robin Gerard says:

    Happy Birthday Mick. I share your Birthday. 66 today.

  • Mark D. Sontag says:

    Recall Happy 40th written across Pete Townsend’s chest. I don’t wish to anatomically prove I’m a bigger fan…. Couldn’t be. Happy 79 all the same.

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