Attention: Mick Jagger Introduced the World to His New Friend, an Adorably Camera-Shy Black Cat Named Nero

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At 77 years old, Mick Jagger is many things: Front man of one of the most important musical groups to ever exist and an enduring icon of the utmost degree, father, grandfather, great-grandfather, and … perhaps the most important as far as the internet is concerned, Cat Dad.

The online world loves its cats, and that’s why this photo shared by the Rolling Stones legend on social media this week is catnip (pun very much intended) for cat photo enthusiasts who also happen to be Stones fans.

Without further ado, meet Nero:


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Look at that little guy! In typical fussy cat fashion, he’s not quite sure what’s going on at the moment, but he knows he doesn’t like it. Time to squirm!

Mick turned 77 this past July, a few months ahead of the lavish reissue given to the Stones’ Goats Head Soup record. That was released in September — click here to check that out, as it’s quite a deep dive into the album’s sessions.

He also kept busy in late October with an intriguing new song clip titled “Pride Before the Fall,” which featured some pointed lyrics:

I see the preening, it’s overweening, over eating, too much tweeting, and when my back is turned  somebody will Push you off the wall. And just remember that pride, it comes before a fall.”

In addition to consistent world tours around the world (like 2019’s incredible No Filter tour, which they will resume once the COVID-19 pandemic subsides), Mick and the Stones remain as busy as ever in the studio. They premiered “Living in a Ghost Town,” their first original new song since 2012, in April:

That song is from recording sessions the Stones began before the pandemic hit — and according to Mick, the rest sounds pretty good, too:

We recorded a bunch of tracks at the same time we did ‘…Ghost Town’, so actually I’ve been finishing off the vocals and some other instruments on them, and doing some mixes. So I’m working on it.

“We’ve got to get together and do a couple more sessions on them. But we’re not really gonna get together right now. But it sounds good, what we’ve already done — [it]sounds pretty good to me.”

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