May This Photo of Mick Fleetwood Quoting ‘The Green Manalishi’ While Wearing a Scottish Kilt in a Foggy Croquet Field Bring You Peace

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It’s a Monday during the coronavirus pandemic. These are confusing, unusual times, anxiety riding high as we all wonder what’s around the bend. Stuck at home, we’re trying to find some respite from the unabashed weirdness of this modern era — so with that as context, let your mind wander as you look at this photograph of Mick Fleetwood shared to Instagram on Monday:

That’s Mick, standing in a foggy, early-morning croquet field, in a top hat and a Scottish kilt, with an Instagram caption quoting  “The Green Manalishi (With the Two Prong Crown),” a 1970 single from Fleetwood Mac that marked Peter Green’s final contribution before splitting from the group. That’s really all there is to it, and yet it’s such a powerful image nonetheless.

It’s apparently a shot from a photo session between the Fleetwood Mac co-founder and photographer Andrew Stuart, who uploaded another amazing portrait from the same shoot:

For more shots like this of Mick Fleetwood, visit the website for his General Store in Maui.

Caught up in the madness of this confusing time, here’s hoping this image brings you peace.

And, since we’re on the topic of “The Green Manalishi,” here’s Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett playing the song at the special Peter Green tribute show organized by Mick Fleetwood in late February:

As well as a Judas Priest cover of the song, because why not?

Hope you enjoy — and be sure to keep socially distancing!

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