Watch Metallica’s Kirk Hammett Slip on His Wah-Wah Pedal and Keep Playing Because He’s a Pro

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Ever wonder what it’s like on stage at a concert in the rain? From the fans’ point of view from the mosh pit or stands, it seems annoying, sure — but Metallica guitarist Kirk Hammett was caught up in a moment this week that shows just how obnoxious it can be on stage, shredding riffs in a downpour.

At Metallica’s tour stop in Milan, Italy, Hammett was doing his thing “Moth Into Flame,” one of the songs from 2016’s Hardwired … To Self-Destruct when he slipped on his wah-wah pedal and took a tumble. It made for a wild scene:

“It rained so much I felt like I was playing guitar in the shower” is quite a statement from Hammett — whose sneakers clearly didn’t have enough tread to withstand the elements.

Kudos to Kirk for soldiering on and picking up where he left off! He is a pro, after all.

As for the wah-wah pedal itself, can you blame it for referencing one of Metallica’s own songs in its defiant stand against Hammett’s shoes?

Hammett and Metallica will thankfully be playing inside the lavish Chase Center in San Francisco this fall as part of a special orchestral performance, free of any potential weather issues.

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