Meat Loaf Premieres Dynamic New Song 'Going All the Way', Off Upcoming LP – Listen

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meat loaf braver than we are artwork
Iconic singer Meat Loaf will release a new album, Braver Than We Are, on September 16. A reunion between Meat Loaf and his Bat Out of Hell collaborator Jim Steinman, the new LP comes with much anticipation.
News of the project comes right after the singer had a scary incident at a gig in Canada, appearing to collapse onstage, though he’s reportedly doing better in the days since.
Rolling Stone premiered the album’s lead single, a song called Going All The Way. It features appearances from Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito, who both previously sang on Meat Loaf’s classic Paradise By the Dashboard Light.
Listen below:

The album will feature 10 new songs from Meat Loaf, Steinman and, as the press release detailed:
Producer Paul Crook and The Neverland Express, which includes John Miceli (drums), Paul Crook (guitars, loops, synths), Randy Flowers (guitars, vocals), David Luther (sax, B3 organ, strings, horn arrangements), Justin Avery (piano, synths, strings, backing vocal arrangements), Danny Miranda (bass), Stacy Michelle (vocals) and Cian Coey (vocals).
The track listing:

  1. Who Needs The Young
  2. Going All The Way
  3. Speaking In Tongues
  4. Loving You Is A Dirty Job
  5. Souvenirs
  6. Only When I Feel
  7. More
  8. Godz
  9. Skull of Your Country
  10. Train of Love

Stay tuned for more!


  • Paul says:

    Great song, Meat Loaf seems to be losing his once powerful voice though!

  • John Barratt says:

    Ro;;on 9th September. Meat, you still rock baby!!

  • Dece Track, Bad Mixing says:

    Vocals are way too high in the mix. I can barely hear the instruments. Kind of takes the epicness down.

  • Paulgleeson says:

    Man oh man nothing can be done to make meats voice sound better, it sounds really wobbley and shakey ( his voice was good on albums hell in a hand basket / hang cool teddy bear / bat out of hell 3 / couldn’t have said it better, even tho he had problems then – his voice suited the songs ) on this new song – it’s struggling . The woman singing with him had to carry mr loaf . I thought the new song was nice – This new album coming out will be his 12 solo album – looking forward to it as all the stuff ranges from good to great ( he’s never done a awful album ). Meat loaf awkward try’s to deliver .

  • Paulgleeson says:

    I ment meat loaf always try’s to deliver . No other artist sounds like mr loaf . All 3 bat albums was worthy of the bat title . The non bat albums have ranged from nice to really good ( the 1981 dead ringer album was such a strong album it should of been bat out of hell 2, ) . There is not a current artist out there who can touch mr loaf for his passion and belief in what he does ( on every song on every album mr meat loaf truely belives in every word he sings and his music videos from bat 2 was incredable mini movies – same with the music videos from welcome to the neighbourhood album ) . Meat loafs on stage presence and chrisima , along with his live band really out shines today’s artists (who have to rely on lots of lights and dancers In order to get there gigs over ( accepected ) with the live crowd . ) . All these so called singers who enter reality tv singing contests should really take a look at mr loaf – For a man that’s been in the entertainment industry most of his life – mr loaf is as passionote bout it now as he was when he first begune

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