MC Lars and Mega Ran’s ‘The Dewey Decibel System’ — A Hip-Hop Theme Album About Classic Works of Literature — is Out 6/7

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On June 7, “nerdcore” rappers MC Lars and Mega Ran will release a collaborative album titled The Dewey Decibel System. What makes this album and its conception stand out is its focus: literature. Specifically, classic works and authors from literary history, whose stories and themes were turned into hip-hop songs by the two artists.

Edgar Allan Poe, William Shakespeare, Henry David Thoreau and more are all represented on the album, which was entirely funded via Kickstarter and has been previewed thus far with a few tracks.

“Walden,” an ode to Thoreau and his unique self-imposed detox from the distractions of his day that helped inspire him to write the work that would be his legacy, has a new music video that showcases MC Lars and Mega Ran more or less exemplifying what this project is all about:

That’s a pretty great concept, right?

“Walden” is the latest song released ahead of the album. Here’s another, “1984,” which draws obvious inspiration:


“Jabberwocky” is another pre-release track, regarding the epic tale told by Lewis Carroll:

More about The Dewey Decibel System, via its news release:

The fourteen-track album also features collaborations with Jill Sobule, Bowling for Soup’s Jaret Reddick, YouTube legend Dan Bull, nerdcore pioneer MC Frontalot, Mello Music’s Quelle Chris, A$AP Rocky producer Charlie Mumbles, and Akon producer Matt Weiss, amongst others.

Mega Ran and MC Lars are no strangers to the rap game.  Both hosts of respective podcasts, Mega Ran is a 2019 Guinness World Record holder, and has found success playing huge festivals, conventions, professional wrestling events and has toured the world alongside Lars, across the UK, Europe and Japan (where Mega Ran has built a dedicated following in the “chip-hop” community, merging 8-bit beats with unparalleled lyricism).  MC Lars has hosted two TEDx talks, premiered a song at Carnegie Hall, survived three complete Warped Tours, opened for Snoop Dogg, and collaborated with “Weird Al” Yankovic and KRS-One.

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