Marshall Crenshaw Vinyl Subscription Series Launched

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Veteran singer/songwriter, guitarist/producer, and RCM favorite Marshall Crenshaw has launched a subscription-based music service to streamline his new recordings directly to his fans.
Crenshaw funded the service through a successful Kickstarter campaign over the past few months. He’ll be releasing new music in the form of three-song 10″ vinyl EPs  over the course of the next two years.
Subscribers to Crenshaw’s service will also receive high-quality digital downloads of the songs. Each EP in the set will include a brand-new song, a ‘classic cover tune’, and a new recording of an older Crenshaw original.

Said Marshall of the new service:

I’ve always put a great deal of care into the albums I’ve made.  But as a listener, I’ve always been a singles guy and an individual-tracks guy.  I’m looking forward to creating a steady output of music in small batches, rather than being stuck in a cave for months and stockpiling a whole bunch of music and dumping it out all at once.  Now, when I finish something, I get to put it out, instead of having to wait until I’ve got 12 more.

I Don’t See You Laughing Now is the title of the first EP in the set, which will be released on November 23rd.  
Among its tracks are the titular original number, a cover of the Move’s 1971 song No Time, and a re-recording of There She Goes Again (recorded live with the Bottle Rockets).
Originally, only participants of his Kickstarter campaign were eligible to find out more about the subscription series, but now you can go to this link and enter your information to get on the e-mail list.
It’s said that the music will be available to the public “at a later date” than the Kickstarter subscribers, so stay tuned to hear about how you can purchase the EPs yourself.
For more details on the service and Crenshaw’s vision for it, re-visit his Kickstarter page.

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