Sugar Ray’s Mark McGrath Telling Some Guy His Relationship is Done via Cameo is the Internet in its Best Form

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Nobody wants to be told they’re suddenly single. That’s a talk both parties in any relationship dread. But when it’s over … is it really over? The answer is yes — especially when Sugar Ray front man Mark McGrath is delivering the bad news.

A viral tweet began making the rounds on Monday after it was discovered that McGrath, singer for Sugar Ray, onetime Extra television co-host and current SiriusXM radio DJ recorded a recent Cameo video for a woman named Cheyenne, who essentially paid McGrath to break up with her long-distance boyfriend, Braden. (For anyone unaware, Cameo is a network of celebrities/public figures who will relay a message to somebody for a set price — usually birthday greetings, congratulations, and the sort, but also other stuff!)

The resulting video is two minutes of solid entertainment, in which McGrath (a pleasantly candid interview subject, by the way) clearly goes off-script to offer some personal tidbits about relationships and life.

Now, there are some factors worth pointing out about this latest slice of social media buzz. First, kudos to McGrath for running with it. This is an awkward thing to have to tell a stranger, but he nails it — most likely due to his years of work hosting things. It’s some quality improv, at least the parts that seem to be off-script.

Secondly, there are a handful of Sugar Ray song titles that come into play here, too. As the first sentence in this article suggested, I’m thinking poor Braden saw this video, processed it as best he could and then asked, “is it really over?” — which McGrath, himself, asks in the band’s 2001 hit:

Once again, as predicted, Braden left his broken heart open — and Cheyenne ripped it out.

And someday, when his life has passed him by, this poor young man will no doubt lay around and wonder why Cheyenne was not always there for him — well, besides the long-distance-relationship issues mentioned in the video, because that does seem pretty tough.

Really, given the nature of this break-up letter, it seems appropriate to have solicited the Cameo services of Mark McGrath to deliver the news. So many of his songs with Sugar Ray concerned relationships, breakups, and the tumult that can come about from the human existence.

Sorry, Braden! And Cheyenne, you probably COULD have delivered this news in-person, but if you had, then the rest of us wouldn’t have this amazing video, now would we?

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