Watch in Awe as 20-Year-Old Polish Guitar Wizard Marcin Patrzalek Plays Led Zeppelin’s ‘Kashmir’

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Marcin Patrzalek is a 20-year-old guitarist from Poland with an especially eye-popping method of play — and a recent video shared to his Instagram page is turning all kinds of heads.

Standing in what looks like a parking garage, Patrzalek plays “Kashmir” by Led Zeppelin. It’s just him and his acoustic guitar, but the performance is thunderous, due to how he uses the guitar as a percussive instrument accentuating his guitar playing.

The intensity of his performance is also quite astonishing:


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Speaking of “astonishing,” several rock and roll legends have seen this video over the past few days and reacted in kind. Paul Stanley was reduced to a single-word response:

Tom Morello, himself a guitarist of impeccable reputation and a unique style, loved it:

As for how Patrzalek has developed such a signature sound at so young an age, he told Stage and Screen in 2019 that it had to do with some early experimentation, local performances and a meet-up with a Spanish Flamenco guitarist named Carlos Piñana:

Building on this newly proven talent, Marcin started progressing, and then got to meet Carlos Piñana, a Flamenco guitarist from Spain, who proposed to help Marcin with some classes through Skype, introducing, and opening many doors for this youngster, with the Flamenco style of Guitar playing, until he received an Acoustic Guitar for Christmas. Friendly, and very clever with his English, he told: “I had no teacher, so I started to experiment and create my own ideas and techniques. I would look at the internet and combine really different contrasting ideas myself.

What was born out of these self-taught experiments, were what he calls a really cool style, now gaining more and more popularity worldwide, called the Percussive Finger Style. “It’s so new, and fresh that it differs a lot – Everybody plays it differently, as everybody has their own experiments.” Marcin told me.

Here’s Patrzalek’s reinvention of Beethoven’s Fifth, which he arranged himself for a talent competition:

His profile was elevated with a stint on America’s Got Talent in 2019, as well:

And way back in 2015, he delivered a solo rendition of System of a Down’s frenetic anthem “Toxicity”:

For more on Marcin Patrzalek and his incredible skills with an acoustic guitar, subscribe to his YouTybe channel.


  • Jennifer says:

    UN-FREAKIN-REAL !!! This young man is amazing. ✌️SUCH AMAZING TALENT.

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