Ohio Man Shoots Son for ‘Playing the Guitar Too Long’ (Watch Local News Coverage of Story)

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A headline circulating this week made waves because of the sheer absurdity of it. As local news affiliate WKRC in Cincinnati titled its report, “79-year-old father accused of shooting son for playing guitar too long.”

Yes, that’s right. 79-year-old father accused of shooting son for playing guitar too long.

Via WKRC’s report, which includes the phrase “he was only trying to shoot the guitar” as an example of what serves as a concept of “normal behavior” in a story like this:

Hensley, Sr. told police he shot his son Fred Hensley, Jr. with a .380 pistol Sunday because he’d been playing guitar for over an hour, according to court papers. He allegedly said he was only trying to shoot the guitar but hit his son in the side of his stomach.

Hensley, Jr. then assaulted Hensley, Sr. while waiting for emergency crews to get to the family’s Mohler Road home.

Here’s a video report from WKRC, which sums up all this weirdness in just under 30 seconds:

Added Fox19:

Hensley Sr. went to the hospital before being booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center around 10:30 p.m. Sunday for felonious assault. His bond is $60,000.

Let this be a warning to any of you out there shredding on the guitar from the comfort of your own home.

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