Watch a New Music Video from Madi Diaz for “Woman In My Heart” — New LP ‘History of a Feeling’ 8/27

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“Woman In My Heart” is a new single from singer/songwriter Madi Diaz. Debuted on Wednesday, the song premiere was accompanied by news of Diaz’s new studio album, History of a Feeling, which will be released on Aug. 27 via ANTI-.

A particularly intense music video was also shared for the song, but it isn’t intense in the way you’d think — instead, Diaz’s lyrics provide the punch:

I could never trust my eyes
Cause the truth hurt like a lie
I was willing to believe
You had nothing left to hide
Tired to pull her from the bed
Cause she’s getting in my head
Now the man I love is gone
And there’s a woman in my heart

Visually, the clip features Diaz shoveling, riding a horse and exploring a cave at night. It’s all very artfully presented, and the song’s rootsy Americana vibe will linger with you:

A news release notes the complexity of the themes behind the song and album — as the relationship breakdown “coincided with her former partner transitioning, a complex reckoning Diaz approaches with empathy, candor, and care.”

Sai Madi Diaz in a statement: “The bulk of this music came from dealing with a kind of tsunami clash of compassion, both for my former partner while she was discovering a deeper part of her gender identity long hidden, and my own raw heartache over having lost the partner I knew. I felt so torn through the middle because half of me wanted to hold this person through such a major life event, one that is so beautiful and hard, and the other half felt lost—like I had lost myself in someone else’s story.”

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Click here to pre-order History of a Feeling on LP from our Rock Cellar Store

“Nervous” is another song released from the album:

As is “New Person, Same Place”:

Here’s the track listing:

1. Rage
2. Man In Me
3. Crying In Public
4. Resentment
5. Think Of Me
6. Woman In My Heart
7. Nervous
8. Forever
9. History Of A Feeling
10. New Person Old Place
11. Do It Now

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