Let Dodger Stadium Organist Dieter Ruehle Playing the Doors’ ‘Light My Fire’ and ‘Touch Me’ Brighten Your Day

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Were it not for COVID-19 and the global pandemic that is still keeping the ‘Pause’ button hit on pretty much everything these days, there is no Major League Baseball happening right now. If games were being played, it would be commonplace to turn on a Los Angeles Dodgers home game and hear The Doors classics “Light My Fire” and “Touch Me” blaring over the stadium speakers.

But not the actual recordings. Rather, Dodger Stadium organist Dieter Ruehle (who also plays for the crosstown Kings and Lakers) implements Ray Manzarek’s legendary riffs into some of his between-pitch musical interludes.

Not having baseball right now means we’re not getting any of that … enter Ruehle, who’s keeping the magic alive while at home:

It doesn’t get more Los Angeles than that, does it?

Hearing Ruehle play songs by the Doors in the way you’d hear them at a Dodger game calls to mind a similar reaction to hearing John Fogerty play “Centerfield,” another staple of the ballpark experience, which he did last week with his kids:

A few weeks back, Ruehle also dropped some “Safety Dance” on us as well:

And, oh yes, this is also a must.

Here’s hoping we can all get back to actual baseball games and our “normal” way of life sooner rather than later.

But if you’re still looking for something to do at home, why not take some guitar lessons from Robby Krieger?

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