Out Now: Lit Returns to ‘A Place in the Sun,’ Covers the Cars on High-Energy New Album ‘Tastes Like Gold’ (Listen)

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Back in 1999, Orange County rockers Lit unleashed A Place in the Sun, the band’s second full-length record and first with MCA Records. It featured a little ditty called “My Own Worst Enemy,” a single from the album that would go on to become an era-defining hit of the pop/rock scene and power the album to a No. 31 spot on the Billboard 200.

It was truly a “lightning in a bottle” release by the band, which had toiled in the underground O.C. scene for years in search of success. Thanks to the smash-hit single, Lit cashed in on its engaging blend of old-school power-pop vibes and guitar-forward rock anthems, led by infectious vocal hooks from singer A. Jay Popoff.

Nobody was making records like this at the time A Place in the Sun hit it big, most of the rock scene of the day diving headfirst into the “nu-metal” movement. Lit was a breath of fresh air, and that context was key to its breakthrough.

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Today, June 17, Lit returned with its seventh full-length album, Tastes Like Gold. The build-up to the release has included sound bytes from the band, consciously saying this record is an attempt to reclaim the energy and spirit of that classic ’99 LP. It was first previewed in 2021 with “Yeah Yeah Yeah”:

Songs like “Mouth Shut,” another pre-release single, back up the talk with results, this one featuring drummer Adrian Young of No Doubt (as well as an early vocal lead that calls to mind Lit’s radio single, “Miserable”):

Similarly, “Kicked Off the Plane” treads similar thematic territory as “My Own Worst Enemy,” Popoff lamenting drinking too much and, well, being kicked off an airplane, set to a shimmery guitar burst and a singalong chorus.

Bands often attempt to recreate the “glory days” with late-era albums, but few pull through as convincingly as Lit does on Tastes Like Gold. Most of its songs would fit well in a playlist alongside  many of the band’s “classic”-era tracks, while still sounding fresh enough to avoid full “retread” territory.

The album features guest spots from Young, American Authors and Butch Walker, who turns up to lend a hand on a stomping cover of the Cars’ classic, “Let’s Go” — once again, the band tipping the cap to its musical heroes:

Said guitarist Jeremy Popoff of the approach behind the new tunes: “We wanted to get back to the old school Lit sound with a modern day approach to the production. It took a minute to get our heads in the right place, especially with all of the craziness going on in the world. We started writing and making demos with Carlo Colasacco and YOUTHYEAR and we knew we had tapped into the vibe we were looking for. Tastes Like Gold is the album we wanted to make.”

Tastes Like Gold is an album for anybody who ever enjoyed Lit’s music. It’s the same Lit you enjoyed back then, just a few years older and more polished.

Catch Lit on the road in support of the album:

Friday, June 17: Anaheim, CA @ House of Blues

Saturday, June 25: Middletown, PA @ Vineyard & Brewery at Hershey

Saturday, July 2: Milwaukee, WI – Summerfest

Friday, August 12: Maryville, TN@ The Shed Smokehouse

Saturday, August 13: Suwanee, GA @Suwanee Town Center Park

Saturday, August 20: Sunbury, PA @ Spyglass Ridge Winery w/Everclear

Friday, September 9: Omaha, NE @Shadow Ridge Music Festival w/ 311

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