Lit Brings the ’90s Back with a Raucous Lakeside Party in New Song/Video, “Yeah Yeah Yeah”

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More than two decades removed from 1999’s A Place in the Sun, a dynamic, power pop-inspired alt/rock album that catapulted Orange County-based band Lit to stardom with songs like “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Miserable,” the record holds up as one of the most memorable of the pop/rock scene of the time.

Fast-forward to 2021, and Lit is back at it with a new song, “Yeah Yeah Yeah,” that harkens back to the raucous, good-vibes-under-the-sun feeling that put the band on the map. The new track comes after the band’s brief foray into country/rock territory with 2017’s These Are The Days, a creative departure that was significantly different in focus from the rest of the band’s catalog.

The music video for “Yeah Yeah Yeah” shows the band rocking out at a lakeside RV resort to the gathered masses, and there are abundant shots of bathing suits and motorcycle jackets. Musically, some of the guitar work in the high-energy track calls to mind “Zip-Lock,” one of the standout singles from A Place in the Sun:

Said vocalist A. Jay Popoff:

“When we started firing up to write the new Lit material, we wanted to try and get our heads in that space we had landed in during the late 90s and early 2000s.We not only got back to our old school roots, but also found a good marriage between the classic sound of 1999 with a modern production vibe.”

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And guitarist Jeremy Popoff:

“When you’re listening to Lit, I hope you get to escape from the world for a little bit. We hope you feel like, ‘Damn. In the middle of the shit storm that was 2020 and 2021, these guys managed to dial it back to a more innocent time’.”

Lit is working on a new album for release in 2022, so expect more crowd-pleasing anthems like this new one.

Also worth pointing out is the fact that “My Own Worst Enemy” was recently certified double platinum, indicative of its runaway success as an enduring song from the era. Here’s its iconic music video, once again:

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