Light Up the Blues 6 Autism Speaks Benefit @ Greek Theatre L.A. 5/30: Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Stephen Stills and More

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A collection of living legends will convene at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles on May 30 for Light Up the Blues 6 — Concert to Benefit Autism Speaks.

Taking the stage that night will be Neil Young, Willie Nelson, Stephen Stills (who is hosting the event alongside his wife, Kristen Stills), Promise of the Real, Lucius, Fantastic Negrito and more.

Jack Black will host the event. More details below, via the news release;

The May 30 event will celebrate people with autism, while supporting Autism Speaks in its mission to promote solutions, across the spectrum and throughout the life span, for the needs of people with autism and their families. Proceeds from the Light Up The Blues Concert will go toward Autism Speaks’ efforts, which include funding life-enhancing research, increasing early childhood screening and interventions, and improving the transition to adulthood.

Additionally, each performance will contribute to Autism Speaks’ efforts to achieve one million acts of kindness in 2020, part of its “Year of Kindness” campaign to create a kinder world for people with autism.

“With this year’s stellar lineup — and a meaningful venue in the Greek Theatre, our hometown favorite — I am itching to get on stage with this crew and support the efforts of Autism Speaks. It’s going to be another exciting and marvelous show!” said Stephen Stills.

“All of the incredible musicians and actors that we have lined up for Light Up the Blues 2020 care deeply about helping people on the autism spectrum and their families, friends and communities thrive and live life to the fullest. We are so pleased to be celebrating Autism Speaks’ 15th anniversary and look forward to another moving night to benefit this organization, which continues to strive to create a kinder world for people with autism and those who love and support them,” said Kristen Stills.

Tickets for Light Up the Blues 6 — Concert to Benefit Autism Speaks will go on sale beginning Friday, Feb. 14 via Ticketmaster. Click here for further details.


  • Eve Reiland says:

    This breaks my heart. I’m Autistic and mom to Autistic kids up to age 27 years old now. Autism Speaks is a terrible organization that silence Autistic people. We’ve been in a civil rights movement for over 30 years — and Autism Speaks has failed two generations of Autistics now, including my children.

    There’s so much folks need to learn before supporting this — and from Autistic people. Autism Speaks is a hate group that puts on a very good sparkle to shine others on. In the meantime, all money that goes to them is pulled from our communities never to return.

    They’ve had 15 years to do better, and all they’ve amounted is co-opting Autistic Culture in their rebranded marketing. We are the largest minority group on the planet, Come find us and support Autistic people please — not the folks who want us ‘eradicated’ ‘cured’ ‘recovered’ and denying us healthcare freedom, representation in legislation and are the largest private backer of everything Autism related but have never helped Autistic peole. Instead they created a false world of Autism, stole our voices, silenced us more than ever to get their $$$.

    My Autistic children and my future Autistic grandchildren deserve far better than these folks and I”m so exhausted of always having them everywhere my kids are, including their school rooms.

    Please connect with Autistic Self Advocacy Network, or other reputable Autistic organizations.

    Thank you.

    Eve Reiland

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