Out Now: Liam Gallagher Brings the People Together with ‘C’mon You Know,’ His Most Realized Solo LP (Listen)

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Longtime Oasis singer, Britpop icon and all-around unforgettable cultural figure Liam Gallagher has released his third solo album, C’mon You Know.

Along the way to the album’s launch, Gallagher and his marketing plan emphasized this record’s difference from the previous two — most notably in the influences that had a hand in his creative process.

The first song previewed from the set, “Everything’s Electric,” features drums by Dave Grohl (who co-produced the track with Greg Kurstin), a collaborative effort that finds Gallagher at his most energized in years:

On social media, Gallagher is a bastion of unity and togetherness, a collective sense of “we’re in this together” exemplifying his online persona (just as long as his embittered brother, Noel, isn’t in the conversation). Uplifting album opener “More Power” starts things off on that note:

Those sentiments were also expressed in dramatic detail in “Better Days,” another single from the record meant to celebrate togetherness, or, as a news release details, “a summer in which we can all be reunited, it’s a summer song perfectly suited to receiving a huge audience reaction when Liam hits the road across the UK this summer.”

Its video depicts Gallagher and his band playing atop London’s Midland Hotel, lending a bit of a Beatles Apple Rooftop vibe to the proceedings.

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Click here to pick up C’mon You Know on LP from our Rock Cellar Store

While so much of the attention thrown Gallagher’s way anymore has to do with Oasis, Noel and whether the two will get over their (very public) spats and get the band together for a victory lap tour. That still seems like little more than a fantasy, given the nasty tone of their back-and-forth, but despite the drama Liam (and Noel, to his credit) continue to release intriguing material without the help of each other.

Three solo records in, Liam’s more than found a way to continue his legacy. Each album has improved upon the one that came before, with C’mon You Know arguably his most fully realized set of songs yet. Give it a listen, you may very well find yourself mad fer it.

This very same day of his album launch, ol’ Liam also released a live album, Down By The River Thames, capturing a live-stream gig that Gallagher and his band performed during the pandemic.

Per a news release:

Originally streamed on December 5, 2020, the show became one of the most memorable performances of the lockdown era. Liam followed the precedent set by the Sex Pistols and The Clash, and decided to hit the River Thames, armed with a boatload of attitude, a phenomenal live band (including Bonehead) and an arsenal of classic songs. Acclaim included a four-star review from i, who declared the show to be, “A reminder of why the younger Gallagher is now the fans’ favourite.”

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Click here to pick up Down By The River Thames on LP from our Rock Cellar Store

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