Les Friction – “Torture” – A Potential Star Band Arises Out Of E.S. Posthumus

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Once in awhile, the sheer power of a musical project blows you away.

It’s become somewhat of a rare occurrence given today’s mainstream music scene, but if you dig deep enough you’ll find something that rewards your determination.

With that, we’d like to introduce you to Les Friction.  Pronounced “less friction.”

Spawned out of the demise of E.S. Posthumus, this looks like it’s going to be a pretty special project.
Don’t think you know E.S. Posthumus? Try this on for size:

Not an NFL fan? What about Cold Case, do you watch that?

The point is, E.S. Posthumus made some powerful, ear-rattling orchestral music before one half of the project, Franz Vonlichten, passed away in 2010.

Not content to drift away from making thunderously exciting music, Franz’s brother Helmut Vonlichten formed a new project, Les Friction, releasing the song Torture this week.

It’s a must-hear for fans of Queen, Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Globus, or even Muse (given Matt Bellamy’s penchant for Freddie Mercury-styled dramatics).

Without further ado, listen to this brand spanking new track Torture, and the big, big vocals:

Nihl Finch:  “Torture”: “A relationship involving one of the first travelers ends due to betrayal and results in the unraveling of the mathematics of the universe.”

Nihl Finch (about Torture’s vocalist known as “Paint): “I’ve known Paint for many years. It’s taken this long for the relationship to evolve to this. Knowing he can handle nearly anything we put him to is liberating.”

Brian May (Queen): “Nobody, but nobody out there is doing stuff like Les Friction is doing. Nobody dares.”


  • Angel says:

    Hmm, not sure how I feel… It’s basically now sounding like mainstream bands.
    E.s. Postumus was truly epic. I’ve searched out songs from X-Ray dogs, and Two Steps from Hell, etc, and not one has come close to the orchestrations of E.S.
    Guess I’ll have to listen to more.

  • Metgrl says:

    Torture is my new favorite! I love ES Posthumus and this is just another great song! I like that there is vocal talent in this one!

  • ScarredWolf says:

    Though it is not the original E.S. Posthumus and it is not the original sound, I still enjoyed the song immensely and would gladly add it to my tops playlist. If more work like this rises from the ashes of E.S. Posthumus, I would gladly except this and support this new band.

  • Nick says:

    E.S. Posthumus – THE BEST
    Les Friction – SUCKS

  • Air says:

    It is saddening to see how supposedly true fans of E. S. Posthumus have limited themselves to the lasting appeal of the now defunct group. True, E. S. Posthumus will always be unparalleled in how they made music, music that makes any other pale in comparison; that kind of music that presents itself as powerful and majestic. Yet, we shouldn’t be quick to dismiss Les Friction. If anything, Torture represents how Helmut has managed to preserve Posthumus’ classic sound, while still breaking into a new horizon of style.

    • C Jackson says:

      I completely agree. Lets not compare Les Friction with E.S.P. It is a new project and new chapter. It breaks new ground in Helmut’s musical journey. Great work!

  • Greg says:

    This is superb.
    Two points: This is not E.S. Posthumus, and that’s alright. The orchestrations are yet still recognizable with the epic Vonlichten chord progressions and rhythms, yet Les Friction still stands apart on its own in the realm. The production quality is still high level, the vocals are dead on, all in all this is a great first release from what I hope will be a long line of albums and music for the world to hear.
    Point Two: Its not E.S. Posthumus, so get over that. Not every son a Vonlichten is going to touch will sound exactly like your favorite song off of (pick your album). To lambast Les Friction for not being E.S. Posthumus enough, is simply ridiculous. Thats not what that, or this, music is about I think. Its time some of the fans opened their minds a bit, they are long overdue.

  • Ruben says:

    Anybody know who the singer is? I’ve heard someone say it’s one of the singers from Globus?

  • David Duque says:

    Some peoples are saying that is Dann P. But i don’t think so. Just compare their voices and you will hear the difference. Maybe is Helmut itself.

  • Chip says:

    Would you REALLY want Les Friction to be a ghostly echo of E.S. P. , a unique and magnificent endeavor that the brothers created together? Without half of the inspiration, talent, and skill, could it ever measure up? Would you really want Helmut to be stuck album after album attempting to recreate it by himself? Or bring someone in as a stand-in for his brother? How does someone heal after such a tragic loss trying to recapture what was?
    E.S. P. was a candle that has gone out, and we are fortunate to have the songs that were left behind, and fortunate that though the collaboration was cut short far too soon, we have the result of their brilliance.
    No.. Les Friction is not E.S. P. I dare say nothing will ever be. Embrace or reject Les Friction on their own merits and come to grips with the fact that E.S. P. was unique and will not soon be approached.
    As for Les Friction, this track has a certain epic weight and tone to it that very much reminds me of Freddy Mercury, and I look forward to what may come.

  • Liam j says:

    Truly a lovely release. Even though esp is gone, this still rings true to their unique style. I don’t see why people haven’t heard this song on the radio yet.

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