Watch Lenny Kravitz’s Video for ‘Here to Love,’ the Anthem for the United Nations’ #FightRacism Campaign

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Music can have the power to bring us together, and that concept is at the heart of “Here to Love,” a song featured on Raise Vibration, the 2018 album from Lenny Kravitz.

The song has a new music video directed by the iconic singer/songwriter/guitarist himself, which premiered this week. But this isn’t just a music video, nor is “Here to Love” just a run-of-the-mill single from an album. The song was chosen by the United Nations as its official anthem for the #FightRacism campaign in alignment with Human Rights Day, which happens to be today, Dec. 10.

Depicting people from all walks of life, backgrounds and appearances, it’s a call to action for us to unite together against the evils of the world, and visually it’s quite stirring:

Lenny Kravitz spoke about why he chose to direct the clip in a statement posted to his social media pages:

I chose to direct this video because I wanted to show our beautiful differences, while also celebrating our oneness. We, as a people are strong. We must come together and love.
Link in bio. #FightRacism #HereToLove

There’s also a video message from the U.N. about the campaign, in which Kravitz goes further:

“I encourage everyone to join me in lending our voices to fight racism and to stand up for the human rights of every person. Let’s promote tolerance, inclusion, and respect for diversity in all nations and among all communities” said Kravitz in his video message.

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