Off the Hook: Led Zeppelin Ruled to Not Have Plagiarized Spirit's 'Taurus' in 'Stairway to Heaven'

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After some lengthy court proceedings, a jury has ruled in favor of Led Zeppelin in a case surrounding the band’s alleged plagiarism of Spirit‘s Taurus in their composition of Stairway to Heaven.
As the Los Angeles jury found, and as quoted by BBC News, the riff in Taurus was said to be, “not intrinsically similar” to Stairway’s opening chords.
More about the case, from BBC:
During the trial, defence lawyers argued that the chord progression in question was very common and had been in use for more than 300 years.
The prosecution had argued Led Zeppelin became familiar with Spirit’s song after the two bands played on the same bill in Plant’s hometown at a club in the English city of Birmingham in 1970.
Spirit’s bassist Mark Andes testified last week he met Plant at the show and played snooker with him afterward.
Plant insisted he had no memory of that night, saying that in all the “hubbub and chaos” it would be hard to remember a one-off meeting 40 years ago.
Despite the ruling, this case might drag out due to more litigation…

So, what say you? Do you agree with this ruling as it stands now? Here’s a side-by-side of both songs…

Stay tuned….


  • Roy says:

    The two songs sound completely different led Zeppelin should have won Even if they were aloud to listen to both songs.

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