Kool & the Gang: Hear “The Pursuit of Happiness”; First New Album in 10 Years Out 8/21

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Legendary funk band Kool & the Gang will release a new studio album titled Perfect Union on Aug. 21. It will be the band’s first record of all-new material since 2007’s Still Kool. It also marks the first release from the group since the 2020 passing of Ronald Khalis Bell, Kool’s brother, who produced the record prior to his death.

Said Kool of the album’s origins and the inspiration that drove his late brother to create “The Pursuit of Happiness,” which had been kicking around for quite a while:

“My brother, Khalis, wrote the single ‘Pursuit of Happiness’ around the time of Obama’s second campaign for President. That was such an inspirational time and the hook and music just bolted out of him. That time period was a pretty creative period for him and all of us. Now that he has passed, that name, Perfect Union makes even more sense to me. It’s about us. He used to say we were the koolective genius of a band called Kool & the Gang. We came together as kids and it’s been a perfect union. He knew that.”

Stream the track below, as premiered via Rolling Stone:

Kool & the Gang have amassed an untouchable legacy of music and accomplishments, most notably with timeless classics such as “Celebration,” “Ladies Night,” “Jungle Boogie” and more, winning two Grammy Awards and 31 gold and platinum albums along the way.

The new album’s track listing:

1. Pursuit Of Happiness
2. The Weekend
3. Leave It On The Dance Floor
4. High
5. Sexy (Where’d You Get Yours)
6. All To Myself
7. R.O.Y.A.L.T.Y. (Kool & The Gang Mix)
8. Hold On
9. Good Time
10. Pursuit Of Happiness (Rap Version)

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