King Crimson: 2020 Tour Postponed, but Robert Fripp and Wife Toyah Willcox Are Keeping Active with Amazing Social Media Posts

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Over the weekend, King Crimson announced that its planned 2020 tour has been postponed until 2021 due to the coronavirus pandemic and its hold on things at the moment.

The prog-rock ensemble shared the news with the following message:

King Crimson have taken the difficult, but inevitable decision to postpone this summer’s tour of North America for a year. Although it is possible that some venues in the US and Canada may open again in time for shows this June and July, there seems little possibility that the threat from Coronavirus will have completely faded – and we have no desire to risk the health of the band, the crew or the audience. No-one should have to decide between a concert and a threat to their health.

We have been in discussion with the various concert promoters, all of whom remain very keen to host King Crimson shows, and it is our intention wherever possible to play exactly the same dates with the Zappa Band on very similar dates in 2021. The rescheduled dates will be confirmed over the coming weeks.

This should leave fans with the option of either ticket refunds, or attending the rescheduled concerts next year.

In the coming week, we will also be contacting all those who have bought Royal Packages directly from DGMLive so that they can make the same decision.

In the meantime, we wish everyone the very best of health, and hope to see you next year.

The affected shows include a planned summer tour with The Zappa Band, though it’s all been scrapped for now and pushed to 2021 out of an abundance of caution, not to mention the uncertainty many music venues are facing in the short-term future.

Despite the rough news regarding King Crimson and any upcoming live concert plans, Robert Fripp has been keeping busy lately with a series of social media posts that must be seen to be believed.

Holed up in his palatial English estate overlooking a scenic lake, Fripp and his wife, singer/entertainer Toyah Willcox, have recently shared some videos that … well, if you’d ever hoped to see a prog rock legend dress up in a bee costume and frolic around the backyard during lockdown, it’s your lucky day:[0]=68.ARDXIRPjR8jctxZMtpuHdemAv0Xrkz9O7tWx9lnFwrTO36Il552Eh0-5cqKw_vG3xLkwL9WtIttLfA3FLmYTlsfOVLVKWlAu2lKFpdWH5il3hBESSzfYkPWCe-OlK7y69xWS-cBIfFjhkTVyY7u3stZZDaxm1jMkqIzkhs8oZGIQBEx8LRtW2iqJL_CtiK3C9sAoG-fkJ6k4QS1vFY5IqDKd148QUU3kXfltRiemYySm3gl8wdP7YObI7li9Xlj0om7Mr3Kew-MXpO0W_fvpBwCoYeGjD-Cu6sGA-VUjYMsNDrqriBs0rHFM0d6QJF7wBDyAm07jaAO3hP_1jnKEl8hfk0cyyw&__tn__=H-R

For Easter Sunday, the pair did the Twist in the kitchen, while two creepy stuffed unicorns watched from an adjacent hallway:

He has also been posting lengthy notes and answering fan questions on the Crimson Facebook page, as well.

So yes, Robert Fripp is keeping active during lockdown at home, and while there may not be any King Crimson shows on the horizon for a while, at least we have these videos.

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