Kelly Osbourne Promoting Social Distancing with #StayHomeForOzzy Challenge on Social Media

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Do it. #StayHomeForOzzy. That’s the new social distancing campaign rolled out by Kelly Osbourne on Monday night, as she unveiled a lengthy post on Instagram detailing how her parents, Ozzy Osbourne and Kelly Osbourne, are both particularly high-risk when it comes to the coronavirus pandemic.

Said Kelly, while dressed in a mock-up of her father’s signature style (and pink hair):

I wish there was something I could say to comfort you all. Some wisdom I could drop on you to relive you from the fear that surrounds us all right now. The truth is I am scared too. Both of my parents are high risk especially my dad. If I would have known 3 weeks ago when I sent them off to panama that that was gonna be the last time I got to hug and kiss them for a while… I would have held on a little longer. However these are the sacrifices we must make. I stay home for my mum and dad. If you don’t have anyone to stay home for I beg you #StayHomeForOzzy
help put a smile on my dads face while he is in quarantine by posting a pic of your best Ozzy impersonation and #StayHomeForOzzy I love you all 💜

This comes a week or so after Andrew Watt, who produced Ozzy’s No. 1 new album Ordinary Man (in addition to playing guitar on the record), announced he had tested positive for coronavirus and was in quarantine:

Stay safe, everybody — and take part in the #StayHomeForOzzy challenge if you’re so inclined!

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