New from Kansas: Stream the Soaring ‘Memories Down the Line,’ from New Album ‘The Absence of Presence’

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Prog-rock icons Kansas are gearing up to release The Absence of Presence, a new studio album, on June 26.

On Friday, the band premiered a new song from the record titled “Memories Down the Line.” A nostalgic, warm ballad that builds from a slow piano intro to an anthemic middle section, the song can be heard below:

Said keyboardist Tom Brislin of the track:

“‘Memories Down the Line’ starts out as a piano-based rock ballad; It builds dynamically to a more powerful sound that still has a sense of longing to it, Lyrically, I was intrigued by the concept of not only passing down one’s physical traits from generation to generation, but also the experiences that shape us. As with a number of coincidences occurring with this album, I had no idea we would be living through unforgettable times, when the song would be released.”

It’s all about the importance of shared experiences with one another, says vocalist Ronnie Platt:

“We are living during a time when people are doing a lot of reflecting – reflecting on past memories, or the memories they are making right now. ‘Memories Down the Line’ really makes one consider the importance of sharing our experiences with those who come after us. I love the sincerity of the song.”

On the other side of things is “Throwing Mountains,” an aggressive bit of prog-rock precision that Kansas premiered recently:

Here’s the track listing for the record:

1.) The Absence of Presence
2.) Throwing Mountains
3.) Jets Overhead
4.) Propulsion 1
5.) Memories Down the Line
6.) Circus of Illusion
7.) Animals on the Roof
8.) Never
9.) The Song the River Sang

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